Stella Glow - 3DS

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Role-playing (RPG)
Atlus U.S.A., Inc.
imageepoch Inc.

Game description

Long ago, humanity's ability to sing was taken from them by God, leaving five witches as the only people capable of song. Now in the present day, an amnesiac young man named Alto lives with his friend Lisette in a small village. When Hilda, the Witch of Destruction, attacks the village, she crystallizes everyone except Alto and Lisette, causing the latter to awaken her powers as the Witch of Water. Thus Lisette and Alto join the Regnant Knights, an organization that seeks to unite the Witches of Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind in order for them to sing the song that will break the crystallization spell Hilda has been attacking the nation with. Since Alto has the power of a Conductor, allowing him to awaken the Witches' songs, it's up to him to befriend the Witches and help them prepare for battle. Stella Glow is a turn-based strategy RPG. Battles take place on a grid, and the player moves each unit individually in order to defeat enemies on the map and accomplish other goals. Each playable character has unique skills and abilities, and Witches in particular can sing to grant special effects that cover the whole map. During Free Time segments, the player can also spend time with other party members to build Alto's friendship with them, explore nearby areas, and take part-time jobs for extra money and items. Most importantly, this is when Alto can Tune a Witch, entering her heart to literally do battle with her inner demons. A successful tuning can unlock new songs to use during battle.

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