The Keep - 3DS

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Role-playing (RPG)
CINEMAX, s. r. o.
CINEMAX, s. r. o.

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The Keep is an old-school style dungeon crawler with new-school ideas and 3DS-focused gameplay. Players journey into The Keep to seek out and defeat the wizard Watrys, who has grown corrupt and evil due to some energy crystals that aid in magic. In classic dungeon-crawling mode, players journey deeper into the Keep via a first-person perspective as they seek the exit to each level, fight monsters, and trek deeper into the dark caverns. In this adventure, exploration is as important as entering the real-time combat with some brains and forethought. Magic spells and runes are discovered and must be carefully utilized by players to maximize their use and effectiveness. Traps, puzzles, spiders, orcs, spirits, and other dangers await--as well as enslaved children that need to be saved! The Keep utilizes the top, 3-D screen of the 3DS for all gameplay, and rather than moving forward in "steps" or "turns," movement is smoother and more real-time, though the maps are of a classic, grid-based nature. All actions, except movement and strafing, are performed on the touch-screen. Combat is performed by slowly swiping across a grid on the touch-screen, and magic spells are cast in a similar manner--by swiping in straight lines over the runes in the magic runes grid. However, there are multiple spells, and multiple runes, but only limited space to place them. Setting up magic attacks and spells involves a puzzle-like challenge of placing runes to maximize the limited space available to make the most spells available as possible. Runes also have varying cooldown times, spells may use as few as two runes or as a many as five, and most runes are used in multiple spells. Players earn experience and level up in traditional RPG manners, e.g., picking up experience through saving children, defeating enemies, and the like--but individual abilities are also improved by using them. For instance, melee attacks improve by using more melee attacks. Weapons and items can be found hidden all around the different levels of the game. Unlike a lot of RPG titles, there is no shop for buying or selling equipment, and all equipment is found or discarded by the player as inventory space is limited. Like a lot of classic games, such as Doom, the number of enemies defeated, children saved, and secrets found is tallied at the end of each level.

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