Vendetta - Arcade

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Konami, Inc.
Konami Industry Co. Ltd.

Game description

Vendetta is a beat 'em up for up to four players. It is the sequel to Crime Fighters and features game play similar to Final Fight. The story from the intro: The Dead End gang, who dominate Dead End city, are looking to expand their territory. Only their rival gang, The Cobras, stand in their way. The Dead End gang kidnaps Kate, a protegee of Hawk to trap the others into trying to rescue her. There are four characters to choose from, each is easily identifiable by their shirt color. There is Blood (red), Hawk (blue), Boomer (yellow) and Sledge (green). Up to four players fight their way through the five stages to rescue Kate. Along the way players can pick up lots of weapons to inflict more damage to enemies. Each stage ending with a boss fight. After completing the five stages there is one extra stage where players have to fight each of the bosses one final time. There are shot guns, baseball bats, knives, chains, whips, molotov coctails, cars tires, barrels, boxes, trash cans, potted plants. Practically anything that can be picked up is a weapon and there is lots of attention to detail. There is even a bag of flour that can be thrown causing a small dust cloud, stunning the enemies and making them cough. Occasionally enemies will kick players in the groin with accompanying animation. Players can kick and punch enemies as they grab onto a ledge, making them fall down. When enemies are down on the ground, players can kick or punch them or even use a knife or gun on them.

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