Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood - Neo Geo

Neo Geo
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SNK of America
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The 12 samurai (and ninja) elite are back, this time to answer the threat of the demon Zankuro, Minazuki. The possessed swordsman has brutally slaughtered innocents in his path, yet could not raise his blade to the cries of an innocent baby. Vowing never to spill innocent blood again, he targets those who live by the way of the sword...but now the hunter becomes the hunted:
  • Amakusa, Shiro Tokisada - The orb wielding Boss from Samurai Shodown I is now a contender in the race against Zankuro, his next religious sacrifice for enlightenment.

  • Basara, Kubikiri - The embodiment of hate has risen Basara the Executioner from his grave for revenge against Zankuro for murdering his lover (and himself). Love is stronger than death.

  • Gaira, Kafuin - A Buddhist monk with giant prayer beads as his weapon. He had an argument with his grandfather, the great Nicotine and was kicked out from the monastery. Wandering aimlessly, he witnesses the demon Zankuro spill innocent blood. The monk vows to teach the demon a thing or two on the teachings of Buddha...the hard way.

  • Galford and Poppy - The American Ninja and his beloved dog seeks to defeat the demon Zankuro in the quest for justice for the deaths of refugees killed by Zankuro.

  • Genjuro, Kibagami - Former colleague of Haohmaru, now rival. Genjuro the Assassin almost killed Haohmaru in a match for a scroll that would increase one's fighting skill, but instead got expelled from his fighting school. Flamed with vengeance, now he's has his sword aimed at Haohmaru's heart...history will not repeat itself.

  • Haohmaru - Learns from a boy that a demon killed his parents, out of compassion Haohmaru takes the task to avenge the boy of his parents.

  • Hanzo, Hattori - Darkness never sets in the eyes of the Ninja Hanzo and death is its only release. The stench of death by the demon Zankuro only draws him nearer, to what may be his ultimate release.

  • Kyoshiro, Senryo - The famed Kabuki artist searches out his next dramatic play by defeating the demon Zankuro for his next best-selling kabuki play!

  • Nakoruru - Sensing a disturbance in Mother Nature, Nakoruru with the help of Shikuruu the wolf and Mamahaha the falcon seeks out the demon Zankuro.

  • Rimururu - Nakoruru's ice-wielding sister. Determined to protect her sister at all costs feels instead that the disturbance in nature is caused by Amakusa.

  • Shizumaru, Hisame - A boy with an umbrella searching for his past. Remembers only the never-ending screams of his parents being murdered by a vile demon...maybe this is the demon he's been searching all this time at long last...

  • Ukyo, Tachibana - The blue-haired master swordsman finds his sensei and students dead. He learns that the demon Zankuro is responsible and heads off for revenge. The female fans still await him from a distance...
The third series of Samurai Shodown introduces 2 different techniques for each character. The "Slash" techniques are the original moves of the most of the characters whereas the "Bust" techniques maybe the "darker" version of each character.

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Samurai Shodown III - Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken
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