Unpacking - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
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Humble Bundle, Inc.
Witch Beam Pty. Ltd.

Game description

Unpacking is a game about unpacking items and fitting them in a new location after moving. Starting in 1997, each level offers a new location and a new period in the protagonist's life as they move to a new environment with eight periods in total. It always starts with one or multiple empty rooms filled with cardboard boxes. A single bedroom at first, players eventually need to unpack for an entire house with many rooms. Selecting the cardboard box changes the cursor into an object lifted from inside. It can then be placed in the room, such as inside cabinets, on top of a shelf on a desk etc. The box disappears automatically when there are no more items inside. Most items can be put anywhere, but after everything is unpacked incorrect placements are highlighted in red. For instance: a toothbrush cannot be stored on a desk, but needs to be placed in the bathroom. There is some freedom and there is no time pressure, but only when all items are in a correct location is the environment completed. Because there are many objects that need a location, there is some puzzling involved to make everything fit.

Items from boxes are not always in the correct environment, so the player needs to move them between rooms. It is possible to move between rooms at any time, as well as zooming and scrolling, for instance to get a good look at a specific object. Some items can be stacked. It is also possible to rotate objects and sometimes this is done automatically, for instance when moving a rolled up poster towards a wall so it can be hung. After a level is completed pictures (screenshots) can be taken and it is possible to decorate them as well as apply filters. The sped up version of the unpacking process can be viewed again through an animation or a GIF.

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