LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias - Wii

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Frontier Developments Ltd.
Frontier Developments Ltd.

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LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias is the sequel to LostWinds. This time the young Toku and Enril, the wind spirit, are on a quest to save Toku's mother, who has gone on an expedition in the mountains. At the same time they try to uncover the fate of the ancient Melodia civilization, which has disappeared. They are guided there by Magmok, the final boss from the first game and Toku discovers the city is locked in an endless cycle of winter. His first concern will be to find enough heat to survive. As in the first game, the player controls Toku's movements with the help of the nunchuk and the powers of Enril via the Wii-remote. One of the main novelties of the gameplay is the ability to switch from winter to summer by using some statues on the map, each season having an impact on the environment. For example, while water is frozen in winter, a simple change of season allows Toku to swim in. Or, in winter, when snow is carried by the wind, Toku can turn it into a snowball. Another new feature is the inclusion of a map, showing the course to follow to progress in the game. It also shows the amount of bonus totem hidden in each zone.

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LostWinds - Winter of the Melodias (USA) (WiiWare)
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