Steel Battalion - Xbox

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Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
Nude Maker Co., Ltd.

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Steel Battalion is a 'mech game in which the player takes control of mechanized tanks, known as "VT"s (or Vertical Tanks), using a forty button controller with footpedals. Not too far in the future, military unrest is rampant throughout the world, and the player has just recently been promoted. As the pilot of a state-of-the-art mech known as a Vertical Tank, the player must take charge of keeping the peace. Players must master the integrated controller to clear their way to victory. SB comes packaged with a forty button controller, consisting of three separate boards, and a footpedal. On the controller there are buttons that activate commands such as switching radio frequencies, activating the windshield wipers, changing radar scanners, switching weapons, firing weapons, locking abilities, defense mechanisms, and more. The controller has two joysticks, one which moves the 'mech forward and backward, and one that allows the player to move and aim. The footpedal controls speed and braking, independent of the stick, and a third pedal controls slide-strafe. An interesting feature is that of the eject button. Encased in clear plastic, similar to an "abort" button at a military installation, this command can save the player's life. As the player nears death they must quickly flip the lid and push the button, otherwise they die, and death in the game is forever, as the pilot data is erased from the hard drive/memory unit, forcing players to start over. To defeat enemy mechs the player is equipped with a variety of high-tech weapons, such as Plasma Torches, Twin Pod Rocket Launchers, and a 270mm Rifle Cannon. There are a total of fifteen 'mechs to pilot, and ten missions to accomplish.

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